Coffee News Business Opportunity Review

Coffee News Business Opportunity Review

Coffee News Business Opportunity Review : Coffee News is a weekly publication that started in 1988 in Manitoba, Canada. It was started by Jean Daum, an advertising expert, whose independent research led him to believe that people are more susceptible to advertising when they are eating. The concept is simple – short newspapers are delivered free to coffee shops, restaurants, and motels.

How short? Well, Coffee News claims that it only takes 8 minutes to read and therefore, because of its brevity, people will read it cover to cover. This paper focuses only on news that is entertaining and optimistic, including horoscopes, jokes, trivia, and is therefore of interest to its readers. The theory is that readers will not only read the features but also the ads.

Coffee News has been franchised since 1994 and the start-up costs for a new franchisee are estimated to be just under $10,000. There is an $8,000 franchise fee and an ongoing royalty fee of $75 per week. There is no internal financing available for startup costs or franchise fees. Exclusive territories are offered and the parent company is looking for individuals with sales, advertising and marketing experience. As a franchisee, you need to sell ad space in your publications. This is how revenue is generated.

The Coffee News franchise can be run from your home and doesn’t need to be owner-operated. However, about 98% of franchisees today are owner operators. A 3-day training course is offered at the company’s headquarters in Bangor, Maine, and mentorship programs are also available for new franchisees. Monthly newsletters are also distributed by the parent company offering tips and strategies from other franchisors.

If selling advertising is something that interests you, then you might find a Coffee News opportunity that fits your needs. However, if not, then you may have to look elsewhere to start a business.