Day: September 21, 2022

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Trump’s Allies Are Baffled by His Support of QAnon: Rolling

  • Some people close to Trump are confused as to why he is suddenly leaning hard towards QAnon.
  • Some sources suggested to Rolling Stone that Trump was trolling for likes among his supporters.
  • Other sources told the outlet that Trump was amused by the QAnon memes and images he reposted.

Allies of former President Donald Trump are baffled as to why he is leaning harder than ever into his support of QAnon — a conspiracy-theory-led movement that baselessly claims Trump is fighting a deep-state cabal of pedophiles.

Rolling Stone spoke to several people close to Trump, some of whom expressed confusion as to why the former president was suddenly so vocal with promoting QAnon-related messages.

The New York Times reported over the weekend that music sounding like a QAnon song had been played at a Trump rally in Youngstown, Ohio. During the rally, the former president’s supporters were also seen pointing their fingers to the sky in a one-finger salute, which experts said might have been a nod to the movement’s slogan, “Where we go one, we go all.”

“Fuck if I know,” an unnamed Trump ally told Rolling Stone when asked about the former president’s apparent support for the fringe group.

The outlet also spoke to other people close to the former president, some of whom theorized that Trump was trolling for likes from his supporters.

“He’s said that he thinks some of their memes and images are ‘funny,'” a source close to Trump said, per Rolling Stone. The same source said Trump also thought it was “hilarious” that the media would get “so mad” whenever the former president would “touch the Q shit.”

Another Rolling Stone source, described as a former White House official, said that Trump sometimes thought his QAnon-linked followers had “the right

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