Day: January 5, 2022

Privacy Policy

Online Privacy Policy and What This Means for You

Many of you probably already heard of the girl, Jenny, who quit her job in a rather public way – through photos and a dry erase board. Despite the laughter of the situation and afterward finding out it was an elaborate hoax, average individuals should take warning of what they do online.

Type in the query “Facebook firing” in Google. Go ahead I’ll wait. Surprised at the amount of people terminated because of their actions on a social networking site? I sure as Hell was. Firings of individuals posting on Twitter or Facebook has happened multiple times. Lots of average people being canned for what they thought was personal ranting.

People feel comfortable posting any type of content, believing that their message is only viewable to close friends and family. Sadly, those posts are the equivalent of a sandwich board and megaphone on a street corner. As a business it’s important to also monitor what your employees are doing online. An unhappy customer expressing his/her concerns is bad enough, but no matter how you look at it, negative comments from an employee just look horrible.

The line between what is private and what is public online is getting increasingly blurry. Therefore I’m going to throw this out Real Talk style. Below I’m going to outline what you, as an individual and as a business, should do to protect yourself in the digital jungle.

For the Individual:

So you’ve had a tough day at Crappy Job, Inc and decide to go home and release a little steam on the ole Facebook. Sadly there might be consequences depending on the context and perceived intent of any posting you do. Don’t think your job is worth monitoring? Everyone from business professionals to waitresses have been fired. So what steps can you take to

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Facebook Privacy Policy in a Nutshell

The Facebook Privacy Policy can be found on its own website and it contains over 200 lines of clauses and terms. The following article will depict the most important points contained in this policy. But at start it is important to note that Facebook says it is certified licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program. This means that its privacy policy and practices have been reviewed by TRUSTe, an independent organization focused on reviewing privacy and security policies and practices, for compliance with its strict program requirements. Here are the most important points of Facebook Privacy Policy:


  • Children below age 13 are not accepted and any information about children below that age are not stored.
  • Facebook will not store your password you provide to Facebook in order to import your contact list from you email account such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail…
  • Facebook will log your activities on its website, which means whatever action you do on your profile will be logged.
  • Facebook might share information with advertisers about your behavior on THEIR website! So if you click on an ad on Facebook and you went to the advertiser site and navigated N number of pages or selected this item or that item, Facebook is likely to know! However Facebook says that after 180 days (6months) this information will be ‘anonymized’ which means it won’t be associated to your account any more.
  • Now the biggest issue is in third party applications:
    • Facebook does not guarantee that any third party application will comply with its privacy policy.
    • If a friend of yours added a third party application and gave it enough permissions, this application will be able to access any data on your profile that your friend can access by himself. So you are at the mercy of your friend
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Privacy Policy

The Importance of Your Privacy Policy

The name of the game these days when it comes to getting traffic to your website and making a real go on the net with your business is legitimacy. Gone are the days when you could throw together a website that looked and operated as if it were home made, and end up earning money or making a living with your online endeavors.

Web shoppers are much savvier than they were 4 or 5 years ago and with all the scams and so-called deals running on the net today, consumers are more able to spot fraud and business that just doesn’t look right. But beyond that, the buying public also wants to be comfortable with the entities they’re doing business with online. One of the ways to make your customers feel that way is to have all your ducks in a row and include a privacy policy on your site.

Your privacy policy will tell visitors to your site what information is being collected by you as the webmaster and what you intend to do with it. It may also tell your visitors how the information is being collected, how it is being protected and whether or not you will be sharing this information with any third parties. It is a good policy on your part to assure your customers that any data collected is for their benefit, to make future visits to your site more convenient for them and that you will keep the data you have on them only for your use.

Privacy data on your visitors is usually collected in the form of cookies and can be used to present choices and advertising for customers based on previous activity on your site. If you assure your customers of this fact, it can go a long way in

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The Elevator that Reads the Business News to You on Your Way Up?

Several years ago, there was an award winning advertisement where a gentleman reading the Wall Street Journal was on an elevator in a large company. Each time the elevator stopped more employees would get off, until there was no one left but him. He finally exits the elevator on the Executive Suite Floor, while reading his Wall Street Journal. Suggesting that those who read the Wall Street Journal are the most successful in business and have the greatest upward mobility. Well it looks as if that cute little storyline just become a bit more real.

The Wall Street Journal will now be heard as business news on elevators instead of elevator music. It is a new program being set up with OMN Office Media Network, where the Wall Street Journal will be available for all to hear in certain high-rise office buildings. Yes, you will get a dose of business related advertising as well to pay for it.

Alternative media advertising has come a long way in recent years, mainly due to the fact that there is much more competition in the market place with Internet Advertising. The Wall Street Journal’s goals are simple, they want to be your source for business news. With Bloomberg, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Business News, Financial Times, Investor’s Business Daily and Online Business News, it makes sense that the Wall Street Journal wants to stay competitive. Perhaps this new venue may indeed be the perfect way to do just that.

How soon will these elevator news systems hit the market? It appears in some test markets they already have, but you can expect them in every major US Downtown Market by years end in at least some of the tall high-rise business buildings you see. Ride the elevator get your news brief on your way

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Basics

Most websites now include a reference to a privacy policy, a written statement that describes how a website collects and utilizes personally-identifiable information about its visitors. The inclusion of such a policy is often mandated by law or by interested third parties, such as advertisers. For example, the state of California requires that you display a privacy policy on your site if you collect personal information about California residents. Similarly, Google requires participants in its AdSense advertising network to include privacy information on any site that displays AdSense advertisements. If you don’t already have a privacy policy on your website, it’s something you’ll be adding to it soon enough. Let’s go over some of the basics.

A privacy policy is meant to inform the visitor to a site about what personal information it collects about its users and what it does with that information. As such, the policy should be easily accessible to new users of a site – a link in the header or footer of the home page is often the best choice. It’s also advisable to link to it from the “about” page of the site. Some sites don’t have a separate page for the policy, but rather include it as a section within another page, such as the general terms of use for the site. It needs to be easily found, however, no matter where it is on the site.

You may think you don’t need such a policy, but you’re wrong. Every web server collects some basic information about its users, even if the website owner doesn’t do anything with it. This information includes the IP address of the visitor (which can identify the visitor’s general location in many cases, thanks to reverse IP lookup databases), the visitor’s language preferences, what kind of browser they

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Department Of Finance And Business Economics

Business Finance

This means they conduct intensive analysis into market tendencies and then assist their shoppers know what investments to make and what investments to keep away from. Asset administration is an thrilling area of finance, especially for those who love threat-taking and thinking exterior the box. This signifies that you don’t need to sacrifice your every day life for the instruments you have to obtain your targets in accounting.

In a session on educating small business homeowners about irresponsible lending, a Chicago business owner shared his story of stepping into such a product and the unfavorable impact that daily loan funds have had on his business. Among the highlights, she shared in regards to the exponential growth of the 7 program, and the elevated capacity of the Community Advantage program, which was lately extended to 2020.

Every business, organization, and governmental agency makes these decisions every day and our degree will put you in demand in a world the place the accumulation, administration, and preservation of wealth matter. If you are academically robust and critical about your future, this program will profit you in a wide range of jobs. A finance diploma provides you with the analytical skills wanted for a profitable professional career in right now’s world monetary markets.

They desire a piece of the pie, usually attaining partnerships standing by way of their funding. They may need to give input on the business, offering their ideas and expecting them to the implemented.

When it involves financing and the way it will affect your business, less is more. Off-steadiness sheet financing is strictly regulated and generally accepted accounting principles govern its use.

  • 1700 BCE, banking was well sufficient developed to justify laws governing banking operations.
  • A very early writing on clay pill called the Code of Hammurabi, refers back to
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