Beverage sector comes under the essential goods items which are unaffected by the extreme market volatility. Due to their habit factor no matter how much the price rises, demand of these companies won’t fall. Simple demand-supply rule follows with these items due to their habit and necessity factor.

Global Slowdown is approaching and Election results are hanging between hung parliament or majority. The stock market is girded with unwanted fluctuations that’s why you need some very strong stocks to make wealth in the stock market.

In short, the beverage industry is what you need this time because of its essentiality. Here we have compiled top 5 stocks/companies which belong to the Beverage Industry and can give you solid Return in the near future. Huge Return with very less downfall possibility, these stocks are performing marvelously.

These are shielded against the market volatility because of their reasonably high valuations so you not only get the benefit of huge return but here less risk also a factor comes into the picture. So, these stocks of beverage companies are less risky, shielded against extreme market volatility and are ready to give you a huge return in short to long term.

Why To Invest in Beverage & Food Processing Sector

Because of its essentiality and reasonably high valuations, these companies give the investors an extra feature of less-volatility in extreme economic situations. So, if You choose one of these there is a huge chance that you will not only earn hefty in the future but also you will be stress-free from this investment option.

Best 5 Beverages and Food Processing Stocks List

5. Nestle

It is currently beingtraded at Rs. 10,952 with a humongous market cap of Rs. 105,746 crore.

4.Tata Global Beverages

It is Currently being traded at Rs. 208.35 with a very decent market cap of Rs. 13,118 crore

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3. United Breweries Ltd

It is Currently beingtraded at Rs. 1414 and has a market cap of Rs. 37,394 crore.

2. United Spirits Ltd.

It is currently being traded at Rs. 552.40 and has a market cap of Rs. 40,139.

This section is solelymy opinion based on my research so you may differ from it.

So, I think if you wanna buy some long term stocks you must go with Jayshree tea great future prospects and the second option would be Nestle that too is a very strong firm but because the stock price is quite high I would choose Jayshree Tea. Equally effective.

If you are ok with some volatility you may go with the Alcohol Industry like Both United firms. Here you have a huge chance of making huge profits and at the same time, you might face some volatility also if the economy doesn’t perform well.

Tata Tea is better in any case. Whether you wanna earn a huge return or want less risk Tata Global beverage fits in all your expectations.

Jayshree Tea and TataGlobal Beverage are safe stocks also.

So Now the decision depends upon your goals.

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