On your honeymoon it is a tradition to try new foods that you haven’t tried before and you can do this in many locations. In most cities, you can find the best restaurants by doing a little research ahead of time.

When you are on your honeymoon, although most of it will be spent starry eyed, you will have to eat sometime. In a new city however, it may be difficult to know just what to eat and where.

We have checked around to find out how people go about finding the best food on their honeymoon and we offer these tips:

Check out the food before you go — one of the things you must look at before you go on your honeymoon is the choices of food that are available in and around the hotel. This will give you an idea of what is available. However, in every city, they also have a Best Restaurants list that may be of benefit to newbies.

Book reservations in advance — if you find a restaurant that looks particularly interesting, find out more about it. If you want to go, book your reservations ahead of time and check on them before you leave.

Romantic restaurants vs. other restaurants — just because a restaurant says it is romantic doesn’t mean that it is and it doesn’t meant that their meaning of romantic will be the same as what you think. Check the Internet for people’s experiences on honeymoons and other trips to see where they went. Most people will tell you whether it was romantic.

You can sometimes get to a location and find a small restaurant, outside the tourist area that has the ambiance and romance you are looking for, so keep your options open.

Check the restaurant’s schedule–sometimes you will want to try a restaurant only to find out that it is being renovated when you get there. Check to see that they will be open and available during your stay.

Let them know you are on your honeymoon — wait until you get to the restaurant for this one, but let them know you are on your honeymoon. You never know what wonderful experiences you may have when you let people know.

Be open to different dining experiences — many people will eat the same cuisine that they would always eat because it is “safe.” However, if you talk to the locals, you may find that there are wonderful eating experiences just waiting for you to try them.

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